The New mutants : towards an exit of the spin-off of X-Men on the platform Disney+ ?

While reshoots massive announced have not yet taken place, the rumor of an arrival of the “New mutants” on the platform, Disney+, without passing through the dark halls, taking more and more momentum. Twentieth Century Fox France If one relies on the release calendar, The New mutants should be the last film of the branch Marvel/Fox to pass through the dark halls, before the merger with Disney will be effective. But it could be that this status come back eventually in X-Men : Dark Phoenix by Simon Kinberg, which is due on June 5, 2019 on our screens. Because the ability to see the feature film Josh Boone landing directly on the platform Disney+ seems less to be excluded if it relies on reports the Hollywood Reporter . According to the site, the reshoots massive planned by the Fox still have not started and are obviously not scheduled, so that it is to these alterations that must be the report of the film from April 2018 to February and August 2019. Officially, the baby would still be in the hands of its director and the theatrical release is still current. But there is plenty to be pessimistic, just five months of that period, especially as this is not the first time that the rumor of a streaming fleet around the project, since Hulu was recently mentioned as a possible destination for this film advertised as horror and, overall, independent of the X-Men, of which he is supposed to be the spin-off. Led by Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, and Anya Taylor-Joy, The New mutants will not be buried and will remain visible, in one way or another. Now the question is in what form : the one intended by its director ? Or, more attached to the universe of the X-Men, requested by the Fox and who is the origin of these reshoots, which have not taken place ? What seems certain in the meantime to learn more, it is that the film will remain without a sequel, then a trilogy was originally planned. The first (and to date only) trailer of “New Mutants”, unveiled in… October 2017 : The New mutants teaser (2) VO

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