Profiling : what is already known about the season 10 without Adele

The season 9 of “Profiling” was completed Thursday night on TF1 with a final that marked the farewell of Juliette Roudet, and Adele, to the series. But a season 10, which shooting will begin soon and which will become Shy m, has already been commissioned. David Merle/TF1 Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the end of the season 9 of the Profiling ! If you do not want to know, go your way !! An important chapter of Profiling definitely comes shut. TF1 broadcast, in fact, Thursday night the last two episodes of season 9, that marked the farewell of Juliette Roudet, who played Adèle Delettre, after six seasons in the series, including three as the female star alongside Philippe Bas. But do not panic, the departure of the actress does not mean the stop of Profiling, since the chain has already ordered a season 10, which is currently writing under the supervision of Maxime Berthemy. When season 10 will be aired on TF1 ? The tenth season of Profiling should enter a shooting in march, if we are to believe the statements of Philip Down to our confreres PureBreak : “It resumes filming in mid-march. We had to be back before, but it has been delayed in writing”. Knowing that last year the shooting season 9 had lasted from January to September, for broadcast in the beginning of the year 2019, so we can hope to discover the season 10 during the first half of 2020 on TF1. The number of episodes hasn’t been specified but we can expect 10 episodes, as is the case for the past four seasons now. Unless the busy schedule of the new leading actress of the series does not force the production to provide for fewer episodes. That remains ? Who joined the series ? Side casting, as announced a few weeks ago, the singer of 33 years Shy’m, whose real name is Tamara Marthe, a successor to Juliette Roudet to embody the new heroine of the series, in the face of Philippe the Bottom that is obviously faithful to the position. The interpreter of Rock, interviewed on 24 January last, on Radio South about his new playing partner, said he was very pleased to welcome Shy m within the casting : “I’m delighted because this is a person with which I made tests, it was not like that (…). This is a person who looks great and most importantly plays very well.” Impossible however to learn more about the role that will be the star of the song in the series (A new criminologist ? A cop ?). Contacted by our care, TF1 has just confirmed that the writing of this new season was underway and that the character that will play Shy’m “is not yet completely defined”. Diane Dassigny (Jessica), Raphaël Ferret (Hyppolite), Jean-Michel Martial (Lamarck), and Valérie Dashwood (the Doc) should, according to them, except surprise, all re-enlist alongside Philippe Bas, while it is not yet known if Nilusi Nissanka, introduced in season 9 in the role of the young student in criminology Olivia, will be present in these new episodes. What will talk about season 10 ? If you can bet that season 10 of Profiling will be opened on the consequences of the death of Adele, impossible again to know more since TF1, and the production maintain for the moment the mystery. What is certain is that we can expect surveys always also dark, a new child within the small family of Jessica and Hippolytus, and an atmosphere and an emotional power in the wake of the season 9, as confessed to the wish to strongly Philippe the Bottom PureBreak : “I would like that the following is written with the same intensity, not necessarily on the side of love. I hope that season 10 will be in the continuity of the 9 because I find that it is particularly successful”.

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